Used Metal Bulk Boxes

Rigid Metal BinThe metal version of the bulk container can be collapsible. Often, a collapsible metal container is called a wire basket, but there are also rigid metal boxes as well. We sell used metal bulk boxes throughout the nation, but most of the boxes tend to be located in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ontario. Metal bins are a nice and heavy duty way to handle parts within a manufacturing environment.


Rigid metal bulk boxes are especially suited to any kind of metal working plant, such as metal stamping, forging, or casting. The rigid metal bulk boxes are often suited to handle 4,000 lbs or more and can be stacked several bins high. When purcasing rigid metal boxes, you may want to pay attention to the thickness of the wire mesh sides as a good indication to the capabilities of the container. We can help you find any metal bins for your manufacturing or distribution system. If you are trying to purchase additional metal boxes to complement your current inventory of boxes, you will need to provide us with a precise size of the container (length, width, and height). You will also need to note the mating mechanism for the metal storage bin. Pictures are most helpful in this situation, so that we can ensure that the new metal bins will be stack compatible with you existing bins.

Collapsible metal storage boxes or used wire baskets by comparison tend to be lighter duty than the rigid metal storage bins. Collapsible boxes tend to be weight rated between 1,500 and 4,000 lbs. The collapsible metal boxes are a nice option for a small metal shipping bin. They work well in this situation, because the sides of the container can be collapsed, thereby reducing the size of an empty container. The collapsed storage bin can be stacked in a corner of the warehouse, or they can loaded onto a trailer for return shipment to your plant. The reduced size saves shipping costs.